General Rules:

    • No food, drink or smoking is allowed in the microwave lab.
    • The computers in the lab should be used for the activities related to work in lab, so any kind of program shouldn’t be installed unless the permission of proper authorities.
    • The work area in the lab must be kept clean during lab measurements.
    • All visitors to the lab must get permission from the instructor, and adhere to the all lab rules strictly.
    • All the cables and equipments must be returned to their proper places after lab work is finished

    Safety Rules:

    • Never change the circuit when is powered up. For the rewiring or replacement of the component, disconnect the circuit from power supply.
    • Do not place equipments or cables at the edge of table you are working on to prevent any king of damage to you or equipments.
    • Verify that any equipment is working within its power, and frequency range.
    • Read the proper documentation and get prepared before using lab equipments.
    • Make sure that all the fuses of power supply are installed and none of the safety light is on before you use power supplies.
    • Always check if the power supply is grounded when it is connected to microwave circuit.
    • Never take off the cover of any equipment to repair the equipment. All the maintenance should be done by the proper personnel.
    • Replace the connectors in their boxes after you are done with them. Any fault or damage would affect the parameters of connecters.
    • All the equipment must be grounded in order to prevent the hazards caused from electrostatic discharge. Wear ESD-preventing wrist strap and make sure it makes good contact your skin.


Further information
Electrical Safety Manual