A wide variety of connectors are available to the use of students in the microwave lab. In the following link, you can find a tutorial explaining the type and properties of the microwave connectors. The frequency range, sex and size of the connectors differs by the type of connector, and affects the lab measurements. Therefore, a student aiming to get accurate results must consider these parameters during the lab measurement process.                        


Network Analyzer:

The following link is the user manual for one type of Agilent Network analyzer which is 8750C. The measurement procedure of a RF/Microwave circuit using the network analyzer is explained explicitly. It also includes the calibration process of the analyzer for those who are interested.

Network Analyzer Manual

Power Supply:                                                                                     

The user manual for Agilent DC source.  It also has the information needed in order to program the power supply for repetitive measurements which reduces work load and measurement time enormously in some applications.

Power Supply Manul

Signal Generator:

The user manual of RF Signal Generators,

Signal Generator Manual